2019 Draft Day Grades Are In!
Some teams like the Broncos greatly pleased your benevolent dictator while others like the Saints and Steelers incurred my legendary wrath. Did your team ace it’s test or flunk out? Visit the 2019 draft day trade page and find out, my island friends!

Pleasing Your Dictator

In 2019 the Denver Broncos pleased your dictator and earned the only solid “A” grade I gave out this year. By trading down from No. 10 to No. 20 they received a haul of incredibly valuable picks and won the draft. They were able to land TE Noah Fant at No. 10 then with their extra pick they drafted QB Drew Lock at No. 41. They also banked a 2020 3rd round pick. This is the TDI Life!

Angering Your Dictator

Fans of the Chicago Bears should be hopping on a boat and paddling down to the healing, tropical climate of Trade Down Island. Chicago’s front office traded up 14 spots in the 3rd round to draft RB David Montgomery but in return they traded back 43 spots in the 5th and gave up a 2020 4th round pick! There is no difference in the talent available in the mid-3rd round, and they completely wasted a valuable 4th!

TDI’s Glorious Constitution
We, the proud residents of Trade Down Island, view productive players on rookie deals as the single greatest NFL asset behind a franchise QB. The draft is mostly educated guesswork, the more valuable picks, the better! This is why we preach, unless you’re drafting a stud, smartly trade down! Read TDI’s Glorious Constitution to learn what we are all about.

Move In!
If you like what we stand for at TDI, join us by buying your own beachfront property or finding an oceanfront rental unit. Every NFL team has it’s own dedicated neighborhood as we build our community of draft nerds and stat geeks. Join the movement, claim your property, and tell the world you loudly and proudly advocate to trade down!

Your Benevolent Dictator
Greetings. I am your benevolent dictator. I led my fellow citizens to victory in the bloody revolution to depose our “trade-up” overlords. I run this island with a deft mind and iron fist. Just never anger me and adhere to my infallible decrees and life will be sweet for you here at TDI. I have claimed this NFL island by blood, now I continue to rule it with brains.

Contact me at TDIdictator@yahoo.com